Sustainable Supercomputing
For a Greener Future

27 February - 2 March 2023 | Singapore

The SupercomputingAsia (SCA) conference aims to be a major supercomputing conference in Asia, where top supercomputers in the world are located. Co-organised by supercomputing centres of the region including those in Australia, Japan, Singapore and Thailand and anchored by the National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC) Singapore, it incorporates a number of important supercomputing and allied events that together aim to promote a vibrant and shared high-performance computing (HPC) ecosystem, for both the public and private sectors, in Asia.

The International Conference on High Performance Computing in the Asia-Pacific Region (HPC Asia) is an international conference series for the Asia Pacific region on HPC technologies that fosters exchange of ideas, research results and case studies related to all issues of HPC. For the first time ever, HPC Asia 2023 will be co-located with SCA23 in Singapore.

Conference on Next Generation Arithmetic (CoNGA), the leading conference on emerging technologies for computer arithmetic, will also be back once again and will be held in conjunction with SCA23. Gain the latest news and updates on the developments of breakthroughs with next generation data formats and their corresponding hardware, tools, applications and services and exchange ideas on what next generation arithmetic should be.

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Message from Co-Chairs

On behalf of the SupercomputingAsia 2023 (SCA23) Steering and Organising Committees, we are happy to announce that the SCA23 Conference will be held in Singapore from 27 February – 2 March 2023 at the Singapore Expo Convention & Exhibition Centre. This is the first time in three years that the SCA conference will be returning to the stage as a fully in-person conference. We look forward to welcoming you back to Singapore and to reigniting the personal reconnections, networking, collaborations and camaraderie within the global HPC community.
Co-organised by HPC centres from Australia (NCI and Pawsey), Japan (RIKEN-CCS) and Singapore (NSCC), the SCA conference is also proud to welcome our newest co-organising partner, Thailand, (ThaiSC). The SCA is an annual conference that encompasses an umbrella of notable supercomputing and allied events in Asia and beyond with the goal to promote a vibrant and shared high-performance computing (HPC) ecosystem in Asia.
SCA23 is unique. This is also the first year where the conference is co-located with the regional HPC Asia 2023 conference which will be held outside of China, South Korea and Japan for the first time ever. Together with the Conference on Next Generation Arithmetic (ConGA) and a slew of the SCA’s mainstay topics covering areas such as the latest HPC research and technologies, AI, networking, data centres, cybersecurity, cloud computing and quantum computing, SCA23 promises to be a dynamic and forward-looking event
Decarbonisation, green electrons, carbon neutrality are some of the trending keywords that are helping to shape societies and economies in Asia and around the world. With the urgency for nations to look more closely at sustainability and to seek out alternative solutions to green power generation, lower carbon emissions and environmental conservation, the demand for HPC to power the research in these areas becomes even greater. The theme “Sustainable Supercomputing for a Greener Future” reflects the role that HPC could play in advancing decarbonisation research, technologies and solutions but also explores the impact that more supercomputers, HPC resources and data centres could have on the future. Greener supercomputing infrastructure, more advanced data-intensive research and cross-border collaborations are driving efforts for HPC adoption and application in a world emerging from the pandemic, especially in areas like weather & climate change and green data centres.

So come and join us at our annual SCA conference to experience a dynamic, forward-looking programme that seeks to prepare the HPC community for what lies ahead.

We look forward to welcoming all of you to Singapore at SCA23!

Prof Sean Smith
Dr Su Yi

Co-Chair, SCA Steering Committee
National Computational Infrastructure (NCI),

Co-Chair, SCA Steering Committee
Executive Director,
Institute of High Performance Computing,
A*STAR, Singapore

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Be part of the HPC ecosystem in Asia at SCA23/HPCA23! SCA has quickly grown to become a key meeting and networking platform which draws supercomputing partners to share new insights, discuss trends and advance the development of HPC, regionally and globally. The conference attracts international delegates including mid-level and C-level executives, principal researchers and HPC professionals from academia, industry, and the public sector.





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