Dr. Fang-Pang Lin

National Center for High Performance Computing, National Applied Research Laboratories

Research Scientist

Dr. Fang-Pang Lin has crucial contribution on Cloud Computing and System Integration at National Center for High Performance Computing. He was one of the key developers for developing the national cyber-infrastructure of Taiwan, namely Knowledge Innovation National Grid. He co-founded the Global Lake Ecological Observational Network and Global Coral Reef Environmental Observational Network. His major research focuses on cyberinfrastructure for long-term environmental and ecological observation. Recent development includes Taiwan Earth Science Observatory Knowledgebase, EU FP7 Fish4Knowledge collaboration, real-time wide area flood monitoring and government big data. The efforts also lead to US-East Asia collaborations to enable transnational cyberinfrastructure applications, which based on shared software defined systems applying to issues on disaster management, environmental monitoring and simulation, and smart cities.  He was the winner of 2006 Outstanding Achievement Award in Science and Technology, the Executive Yuan of Taiwan.