Dr. Goh Eng Lim

Vice President & Chief Technology Officer HPC and AI, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Vice President &
Chief Technology Officer,
HPC and AI, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Date: 27 March 2018
Opening Keynote Address:
Relationship Between HPC and AI

Bio: Dr. Goh Eng Lim is the VP and CTO, HPC and AI, at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. His current research interest is in the progression from data intensive computing to analytics, inductive machine learning, deductive reasoning and artificial specific to general intelligence.

In collaboration with NASA he is currently principal investigator of a year-long experiment aboard the International Space Station – this project won both the 2017 HPCwire Top Supercomputing Achievement and Hyperion Research Innovation Awards.

In 2005, InfoWorld named Dr. Goh one of the 25 Most Influential CTOs in the world. He was included twice in the HPCwire list of -People to Watch.

In 2007, he was named -Champions 2.0- of the industry by BioIT World magazine, and received the HPC Community Recognition Award from HPCwire.

Dr. Goh did his postgraduate work at Cambridge University, UK. He has been granted six U.S. patents with three pending.


Keynote Title: Relationship between HPC and AI

Abstract: High Performance Computing applications have typically been used for prediction, for example, of the weather, financial derivative behaviour or how a mechanical structure responds to loads. Their approach has traditionally been deductive. Say, starting with the Black-Scholes or Navier Stokes equations, run compute-intensive calculations on input initial conditions, to then make the needed predictions in finance or fluid dynamics respectively. However, with Artificial Intelligence resulting from the reemergence of Machine Learning, that is in turn fueled by decades of accumulated records, we are starting to also employ the data-intensive inductive approach.