Call for posters


Important Dates

1-page Extended Abstract Submission Due:
6 January 2023 (AoE)

Notice of Acceptance:
13 January 2023 (AoE)
Poster Draft Due:
31 January 2023 (AoE)

27 February – 2 March 2023 (SGT)

High performance computing is a key technology to solve large problems in science, engineering, and business by utilizing continuously evolving computing power. HPCAsia, which is an international conference series on HPC technologies in the Asia Pacific region, has been held several times in various countries in Asia, to discuss issues in HPC and to exchange information on research and development results. For the first time ever, HPC Asia 2023 (HPCA23) will be co-located and held in conjunction with the international SupercomputingAsia 2023 (SCA23) conference. The SCA conference is co-organised by supercomputing centres of the region including those in Australia, Japan, Singapore and Thailand and anchored by the National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC) Singapore. SCA incorporates a number of important supercomputing and allied events that together aim to promote a vibrant and shared high-performance computing (HPC) ecosystem, for both the public and private sectors, in Asia. Like HPCA23, SCA23 also seeks to nurture an exchange of ideas, case studies, and research results related to all issues of HPC. 

The HPC Asia 2023 consists of four tracks:


Details for topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • High performance applications (high speed, low memory, low power simulations)
  • Computational science
  • Numerical linear algebra and its applications
  • High performance library and software framework for applications
  • Parallel and vectorization algorithms
  • Hybrid/heterogeneous/accelerated algorithms
  • Fault-tolerant algorithms
  • Graph algorithms

  • Programming languages and compilation techniques
  • Tools and libraries for performance and productivity
  • Performance portability
  • System management, resource management and scheduler
  • Optimization for communication and memory
  • Techniques for testing, debugging, reproducibility and determinism
  • Techniques for fault tolerance and energy efficiency

  • Big data processing with emerging hardware
  • Parallel and distributed file systems
  • Storage networks
  • Storage systems
  • Visualization and image processing
  • Reliability and fault tolerance
  • Scalable data management
  • Transaction processing
  • Integration of non-volatile memory
  • I/O performance tuning, benchmarking and evaluation
  • Provenance
  • Experience and application studies on large-scale storage architectures

  • Memory architectures
  • Interconnect/Network architectures
  • Acceleration technologies (e.g., GPUs, FPGAs)
  • Power/Energy-aware high-performance computing
  • Dependable high-performance computing
  • Architectures for emerging device technologies
Poster Presentation Format (Tentative)
  • The PDF file of 1-page extended abstract of each accepted submission will be uploaded to the conference website but NOT included in the conference proceedings that will be published by ACM.
  • The PDF file of each poster will be also uploaded to the conference website.
  • Poster blitz session is planned, in which each poster presenter will be given an opportunity to make a brief oral presentation for introducing their poster.
  • Poster session core time using online meeting system is planned, in which each poster presenter and participates can interactively discuss their poster.
  • Offline discussion space on Slack will be provided.
  • Student poster presentation award is planned:
    • Eligibility: a poster presenter who is the first author of the poster and a student in BS, MS, and Ph. D courses.
    • Evaluation: member of the award committee will comprehensively evaluate the 1-page extended abstract, the poster draft, the oral presentation in Poster blitz, and the discussion through Poster session core time.
Poster Submission

Authors are invited to submit 1-page extended abstract (including references) of their posters. We welcome any posters that contain interesting themes you want to discuss in HPC Asia 2022. (A poster on research that was already reported in other journals and/or conferences is also acceptable, but authors must solve copyright issues by themselves.) Each abstract has to be formatted in the double-column style as in the following sample and submitted through Linklings. The review process is single-blind.

  • At least the e-mail address of the presenter and corresponding author(s) should be described in the abstract.

Please contact the Poster Chairs at [email protected] for any questions/clarifications about Call for Posters.

For queries on Posters – please indicate ‘<POSTERS>’ at the start of your Subject heading of your email. 


Dr Jin Hongmei

A*STAR Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC), Singapore

Dr Zhang Gang

A*STAR Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC), Singapore