Opening Plenary
Summit 2
0920 – 0930 Welcome Address
By Mr Peter Ho, Chairman, NSCC Steering Committee
0930 – 0940 Opening Speech
By Guest of Honour, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Minister-in-charge of The Smart Nation Initiative
0940 – 1010 Keynotes from Japan
Japans endeavor to realize Society 5.0
1010 – 1040 Industry Keynote:
Ushering in a New Decade of Computing for Smarter Cities
by Dr Dario Gil, Director of IBM Research
1040 – 1100 Tea Break
1100 – 1130 Keynote:
Understanding Cities through HPC Supporting Embedded AI, Modeling, and Predictive Analytics
By Mr Charles Edward Catlett, Senior Computer Scientist, Director of the Urban Center for Computation and Data, USA
1130 – 1200 Industry Plenary
In-Network Computing – The Next Generation of Supercomputing
By Mr Gilad Shainer, Senior Vice President of Supercomputing Technology, Mellanox
1200 – 1230 Industry Plenary
Empowering Smart Cities with an Intelligent Computing Infrastructure
By Mr Francis Lam, Director, Strategy Planning, Cloud and AI, Futurewei Technologies, USA
1230 – 1330 Lunch
                         Room 323 Room 324 Room 325 Room 326 Room 327 Room 330
HPC-AI Urban & Environment Industry HPC Cybersecurity HPC-AI in Design & Engineering HPC-AI in Health & Biomedical Sciences
1330 – 1400

1330 – 1340

by Mr Song Qingchun
HPC-AI Advisory Council

1340 – 1400
Technology Innovations for Smart Supercomputing

by Mr Gilad Shainer,
Chariman, HPC-AI Advisory Council

1400 – 1420
Supercomputing in Singapore

by Prof Tan Tin Wee
National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC) Singapore

1420 – 1450
Building the Software Foundation for HPC and AI

by Dr Dhabaleswar K. (DK) Panda,
Ohio State University (OSU)

1450 – 1520
The Future of Deep Learning

by Prof Chen Change Loy




1330 – 1340
Opening Remarks

1340 – 1420
Plenary Presentation
by Prof Gerhard Schmitt,
Director of Singapore-ETH Centre

1420 – 1500
Computing weather and climate
By Dr Hans Huang,
Senior Principal Research Scientist at Centre for Climate Research Singapore

1500 – 1540
By Prof. Allan R. Magee,
Director, Operations
Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine , Singapore (TCOMS)







1330 – 1400
InfiniBand In-Network Computing Technology and Roadmap
by Mr Ashrut Ambastha, Senior Staff of Solution Architect, Mellanox

1400 – 1430
5G Gear Up

by Mr Paul Soon, Managing Consultant, Huawei South Pacific, Huawei International Pte Ltd

1430 – 1500
In-Network Computing and IPUs Technology for Compute Intensive Applications

by Mr Gilad Shainer, Senior Vice President of Supercomputing Technology, Mellanox

1500 – 1530
AMD EPYC progress in past year

by Mr David (Boris) Cownie, Senior Member of Technical Staff (AMD HPC Center of Excellence), AMD Boston Design Center, Boxborough MA, USA




Inaugural HPC Cybersecurity Workshop Opening

1350 – 1420
Introduction to HPC & Cybersecurtiy

1420 – 1440
Hyperscaled Security for High Performance Computing
by Mr Gary Gardiner, Head of Security Engineering, APAC, Check Point Software Technologies

Why Advanced Threat Visibility is a Top Priority for HPC?
by Mr Muthukumar Natarajan, Principal Engineer, Trend Micro

Revolutionizing Security at the Edge
by Mr Ashrut Ambastha,
Senior Staff of Solution Architect, Mellanox




1330 – 1340
Opening Address
by Dr Lim Keng Hui, Executive Director, A*STAR Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC)

1340 – 1400
The Fourth Industrial Revolution for Every Industry: A Taxonomy of Industry 4.0
by Mr Harshit Sharma, Digital Transformation Analyst, Lux Research

1400 – 1430
KoolLogix: HPC Driven Design
by Dr Seri Lee, Chief Technology Officer, ERS Industries Pte Ltd

1430 – 1500
Utilization of HPC for New Product Development in Seiko
by Mr Satoshi Watanabe, Research Engineer, Seiko Instruments Inc.

1500 – 1530
Creating Next Generation Marine Vessels through Advanced Simulation and Artificial Intelligence
by Dr Lim Chin Lee, Manager, Sembcorp Marine, Integrated Yard Pte Ltd




1330 – 1335
Welcome Remarks
by Dr Kenneth Ban, Programme Director (Health/Biomedical & Life Sciences), National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC) Singapore

1335 – 1405
by Dr Ngiam Kee Yuan, Group Chief Technology Officer, NUHS

1405 – 1435
Keynote: Innovative Technologies and Industrialization Prospects of Data Science in Precision Health
by Prof Yu Shyr, Director, Vanderbilt Center for Quantitative Sciences

1435 – 1500
Reinforcement Learning for Better Care?
by Dr Feng Mengling, Academic Informatics Office, NUHS

1500 – 1525
Integrated analysis platform of various large-scale NGS data
by Dr Henry Yang, Head, Bioinformatics Core, Cancer Science Institute, NUS

1400 – 1430
1430 – 1500
1500 – 1530
1530 – 1600 Tea Break
1600 – 1630

1550 – 1610
Enhancing Weather Research and Simulations
by Dr Yanqiang Wang
CMA China

1610 – 1625
In-Network Computing Paving the Road to Exascale
by Mr Ashrut Ambastha,
Senior Staff Solution Architect,

1625 – 1640
Introducing the NVIDIA Platform for HPC, AI and ML
by Mr Gabriel Noaje,
Senior Solutions Architect for HPC & DL,

1640 – 1650
Data Centric In-Storage Computing
by Mr CT Sun

1650 – 1700
Building high-performance, flexible and privacy-preserving AI system with heterogeneous architecture
by Mr Zhang Junxue, Clustar

1700 – 1710
by AMD

1710 – 1730
HPC-AI University Competition Adventure
by Mr Chi-Hsiu Liang,
National Cheng Kung University (NCKU)

1730 – 1750
2020 APAC HPC-AI Competition Launch
by Mr Gilad Shainer,
Chairman, HPC-AI Advisory Council

1750 – 1800
Lucky draw and closing
by Mr Song Qingchun
HPC-AI Advisory Council





1610 – 1640
How can Skynet help in Productivity in Construction – a Perspective
By Mr Eugene Seah,
Senior Director (Special Projects)
Surbana Jurong

1640 – 1710
Development of Smart Digital Twin with O2DES for Next Generation Ports and Warehouse
By Dr Li Hao Bin,
Research Asst Professor
Centre for Next Generation Logistics (CN4GL) NUS

1710 – 1740
Panel Discussion & Q&A
Chaired by:
Prof Gerhard Schmitt,
Director of Singapore-ETH Centre


1600 – 1630
The Secret [Weapon] Behind the World’s Smartest Supercomputers
by Mr Christopher D. Maestas, World Wide Executive Architect, IBM Systems

1630 – 1700
Advanced High Performance Storage, Virtualization/Containers and Job Management for Powering Smart Cities for the AI and Machine Learning Era
by Mr Howard Weiss, Managing Director, Pacific Teck Limited

1700 – 1730
The “New Confluence” Drives the Fully-connected, Intelligent City
by Mr Ren Ke, Director of Global Smart City Solutions, Huawei Enterprise Business Group, Huawei International Pte Ltd

1730 – 1800
AI at Scale: Better Models, Bigger Clusters and Smarter Deployments
by Ms Clarisse Taaffe-Hedglin, Executive IT Architect, IBM Systems Worldwide Client Experience Center




Panel Discussion – Is there a need for Security in HPC

Mr Raju Chellam, Fellow: Singapore Computer Society & Vice Chair SGTech Cloud & Data

Mr Gary Gardiner,
Mr Muthukumar Natarajan,
Mr Ariel Lavanon

Update on Quantum Key Distribution project
by Dr Goh Koon Tong, Research Fellow, National University of Singapore (NUS)

Update on Quantum-safe Cryptography
by Mr Joe Leu, CyberSecurity Specialist, IBM Security


Lucky Draw & Wine Networking Session





1630 – 1700
A Multiscale Integrated Digital Twin Platform for Powder-bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing
by Prof Zhang Yong Wei, Deputy Executive Director, A*STAR Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC)

1700 – 1715
2DMatPedia: A Library of 2D materials by Top-down and Bottom-up Approaches
by Dr Zhou Jun , Research Fellow , National University of Singapore (NUS)

1715 – 1730
Optimized Software Environment and Workflows across heterogeneous HPC sites and CloudsDimensional Materials
by Dr Miguel Dias Costa, HPC Architect, National University of Singapore (NUS)

1730 – 1800
Leveraging the Industrial Internet-of-Things for Reliable Data Collection to Enable Predictive Maintenance
by Dr Daniel Cheong, Deputy Programme Director, Industrial Internet-of-Things Innovation (I³), A*STAR

1800 – 1805
Closing Remarks
Dr Lim Keng Hui, Executive Director, A*STAR Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC)





1600 – 1625
Petascale computing infrastructure for understanding genetic information and diversity in Asian population
by Mr Rikky Purbojati, Head, High-Performance Computing Facility & Bioinformatics Infrastructure, NTU

1625 – 1650
by Dr Nicolas Bertin, Program Manager, Center for Big Data and Integrative Genomics, GIS, A*STAR

1650 – 1715
Improving Hospitalisation Risk Prediction Among Kidney Patients
by Mr Lim Tern Poh, AI Consultant, AI Industry Innovation, AI Singapore

1715 – 1740
Cloud-Based High-Throughput Compute Solutions for Biomedical Research
by Dr Andreas Wilm, Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft

1740 – 1745
Closing Remarks
by Dr Kenneth Ban, Chair, Precision Medicine Track


1630 – 1700
1700 – 1730
1730 – 1800



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