Time Topic Presenters
0900 - 1200 oneAPI Hands-on Workshop targeting FPGAs
- Introduction to Intel FPGA Technologies, usage of FPGAs with IntelĀ® oneAPI Toolkits
- Understand how your code is compiled into an FPGA design incorporating a Custom Compute Pipeline
- Development Flow for Using FPGAs with the IntelĀ® oneAPI Toolkits
- Examine an FPGA optimization report and analyse many performance bottlenecks
- List several techniques to optimize your command group scope
Susannah Martin
Ritesh Belgudri
Israr Sheikh
1200 - 1300 LUNCH BREAK
1300 - 1430 High Performance Computing on Intel GPUs using oneAPI
- Work on a Live (hands-on) HPC application
- Use relevant oneAPI tools to identify GPU offload regions
- Port the identified regions of code to oneAPI
Dr Amarpal S Kapoor
1430 - 1445 BREAK
1445 - 1615 Distributed AI on Intel CPU using oneAPI
- Concepts of distributed training with oneAPI powered AI frameworks
- Hands-on for Transfer learning for BERT
Vinod Devarampati
Aditya Sirvaiya