Time Day 3 (04 Mar 21)
  Plenary Session
0930 - 1000 Industry Plenary

HPC in Covid Times: An Operational Scheduling Perspective
by Dr Bill Nitzberg, Altair
1000 - 1030 Industry Plenary

Unlocking Scientific Discovery with a Confluence of Simulation, Modelling, and Machine Learning
by Mr Andrew Underwood, Dell Technologies
  HP Cast IBM Spectrum Scale User Group HPC in Education / What is HPC and where do I start?
Track Chair: Dr Freda Lim
  1030 - 1300
HP Cast

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1030 - 1300
IBM Spectrum Scale

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1100 - 1105
Welcome Address
by Dr Freda Lim, Institute of High Performance Computing, A*STAR
  Quantum Safe Network
Track Co-chair: Prof Lawrence Wong & A/Prof Alexander Ling
Industry Track
  1300 - 1305
Welcome Address
by Prof Lawrence Wong, National Supercomputing Centre
1300 - 1330
Recent Breakthroughs in Next-Generation Arithmetic
by Dr John L. Gustafson, National University of Singapore
1105 - 1120
With Great Supercomputing Power Comes Great Responsibilities
by Ms Julie Faure-Lacroix, Calcul Québec - Université Laval
  1305 - 1320
Recent Progress in Quantum Key Distribution

by Prof Qiang Zhang, University of Science and Technology of China
1330 - 1350
Accelerating Research a Cure by Genomic Analytics with HPC
by Mr Terry Tai, GARAOTUS
1120 - 1135
Creating Chemistry in Computer Clusters

by Dr Adrian Matthew Mak, Institute of High Performance Computing, A*STAR
  1320 - 1335
The Introduction of Quantum Activities based on QKD in KOREA

by Dr Wonhyuk Lee, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI)
1350 - 1410
The Cloud Paradigm for HPC and AI, Accelerating Innovation beyond limitations
by Mr Austin Cherian, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
1135 - 1150
HPC Powered Solutions for Sustainable Future
by Dr Kang Chang Wei, Institute of High Performance Computing, A*STAR
  1335 - 1350
Stable Polarisation Entanglement based Quantum Key Distribution over a deployed Metropolitan Fiber

by Prof Christian Kurtsiefer, Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT)
1410 - 1430
I/O profiling with Altair Mistral and the future of storage aware scheduling in Altair PBS Professional
by Dr Rosemary Francis, HPC, Altair
1145 - 1200
How HPC can be used in the design of your skin care and shampoos formulation?
by Dr Freda Lim, Institute of High Performance Computing, A*STAR
  1350 - 1405
Enabling the Quantum Internet of the Future

by Mr Taro Shimada, Toshiba Corporation
1430 - 1450
Engineering Sustainability by Design
by Dr Keith Hanna, MSC Software
1205 - 1220
The Roads That Led Me To HPC
by Dr Jernej Zidar, National Supercomputing Centre
  1405 - 1420
Quantum Key Distribution Adoption: Practical Considerations

by Dr Jonathan Pan, Home Team Science & Technology Agency
1450 - 1510
Next Generation Supercomputing at Pawsey Supercomputing Centre
by Mr Mark Gray, Pawsey Supercomputing Centre
1220 - 1235
The Many Faces of HPC
by Ms Ann Backhaus, Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, Perth, Western Australia
  1420 - 1435
Security in the Quantum Era – Opportunities and Challenges of Quantum-safe Networks in Practice
by Dr Michael Kasper, Fraunhofer Singapore
1510 - 1530
Proactive Threat Detection and Safeguarding of Data for enhanced Cyber Resiliency
by Mr Sandeep Ramesh Patil, IBM
1235 - 1305
Panel discussion 
  1435 - 1455
Panel discussion

Moderator: Prof Alexander Ling
1530 - 1550
oneAPI Platform for Cross-Architecture Programming
by Mr Joseph Curley, Intel Corporation
EU-ASEAN-Japan Symposium
Co-chairs: Dr Pierrick Fillon-Ashida
and Dr Michele Chew
Enhanced Regional EU-ASEAN Dialogue Instrument (E-READI) initiative with ASEAN Secretariat Science & Technology Division and European Commission DG RTD
  Climate Research with HPC Forum
Track Chair: Prof Dale Barker
1550 - 1610
Data Storage offering for AI
by Mr Parveen Kumar, DDN
1500 - 1505
  1500 - 1505
Welcome Address
by Prof Dale Barker, National Environment Agency (NEA)
1610 - 1630
Introduction to Azure HPC Software Platform
by Mr Rob Futrick, Microsoft
1505 - 1510
Opening Remarks
by Ambassador Igor Driesmans, Head of EU Mission to ASEAN
  1505 - 1525
Supercomputing and Climate Science: A Century-Old Partnership
by Prof Dale Barker, National Environment Agency (NEA)
  1510 - 1520
Europe’s strategy in supercomputing and quantum computing
by Dr Gustav Kalbe, Deputy to the Director of Digital Excellence and Science Infrastructure
  1525 - 1545
Computing for Weather and Climate Prediction
by Dr Preveen Kumar, National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting, India
  1520 - 1530
by Mr Tay Kheng Tiong, A*STAR Computational Resource Centre (A*CRC) & ASEAN HPC-Task Force Chair
  1545 - 1605
Next-Generation Modelling for Next-Generation Supercomputing
by Dr Douglas Boyd, UK Met Office
  1530 - 1540
International HPC Research Collaboration Opportunities using Fugaku, the World's First Exascale, General Purpose Arm-Based Supercomputer
by Prof Satoshi Matsuoka, RIKEN Center for Computational Science
  1605 - 1625
Fusing Big Data and Big Computation in Numerical Weather Prediction
by Prof Takemasa Miyoshi, RIKEN Center for Computational Science
  1540 - 1550
Framework for future HPC cooperation in the digital decade Open Discussion

Moderator: Prof J. W Saputro, ASEAN HPC Task Force - Indonesia
  1625 - 1645
HPC Status at CMA and Weather/Climate models at CMA
by Dr Xiao Huadong, National Meteorological Information Center of CMA
  1550 - 1600
EU-EOSC and Covid-19 research data efforts
by Dr Konstantinos Glinos, Head of Unit EU - Directorate-General for Research and Innovation - Research & Innovation Outreach - Open Science
  1645 - 1705
CORDEX-SEA Climate Downscaling and Simulations
by Dr Liew Juneng, University of Malaysia
  1600 - 1610
Access to EU HPC Data Infrastructures (EOSC)
by Dr Kimmo Koski, CEO, CSC – IT Center for Science
      1610 - 1620
ASEAN HPC Infrastructure and use cases overview
by Dr Piyawut Srichaikul, ASEAN HPC-Task Force Co-chair/Chief Executive ThaiSC, NSTDA Supercomputer Center (ThaiSC), Thailand
      1620 - 1630
Open call to access Japanese High Performance Computing
Infrastructure (HPCI) including Fugaku
by Dr Motoi Okuda, Research Organization for Information Science & Technology (RIST) KOBE center
      1630 - 1640
Access and use cases for HPC data infrastructures Open Discussion

Moderator: Prof Satoshi Matsuoka
      1640 - 1650
Harnessing HPC Computing for Covid-19 Research: European Collaboration Activities
by Dr Rossen Apostolov, BioExcel Centre of Excellence for Computational Biomolecular Research
      1650 - 1700
Real-time Surveillance of Pathogen Evolution and Global Transmission aided by HPC
by Dr Sebastian Maurer-Stroh, Bioinformatics Institute (BII), A*STAR Singapore
      1700 - 1710
‘The way forward’ HPC EU-ASEAN School
by Dr Fabrizio Gagliardi, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, E-READI HPC Expert
      1710 - 1720
International cooperation in Covid-19 HPC data research Open Discussion
Moderator: Pierrick Fillon-Ashida
      1720 - 1730
Wrap-up and Closing by symposium co-chair Pierrick Fillon-Ashida
  Industry Plenary Session & Closing
1730 - 1800 Industry Plenary

Innovating without Infrastructure constraints in a world disrupted
by Dr Barry Bolding, Global Director, Business Development HPC, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
1800 - 1830 Closing Remarks
Prof Lawrence Wong, National Supercomputing Centre