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The Supercomputing Frontiers (SCF)/National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC) Singapore awards were inaugurated in 2017, at the 3rd annual SCF High Performance Computing (HPC) conference in Singapore. Organised by NSCC, SCF provided a platform for thought leaders from both academia and industry to interact and discuss visionary ideas, important global trends and novel innovations in supercomputing.

Riding on the success of the SCF conference series, from 2018, NSCC expanded SCF’s scope by embarking on SupercomputingAsia 2018 (SCA18) as a new annual conference that will encompass an umbrella of notable supercomputing and allied events in Asia. SCA18’s key objective is to promote a vibrant and shared HPC ecosystem in Asia, where the most exciting HPC developments are taking place.

During SCA18 conference, the SCF/NSCC awards were rebranded as the SCA awards. The aim is to promote excellence in HPC, networking, storage and visualisation in the areas of Asia’s research, innovation, education and enterprise.

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The candidates for the SCA19 awards were nominated and selected by a committee of distinguished international panellists and HPC luminaries. The award categories are as follows:

  • SupercomputingAsia 2019 – Singapore HPC-Pioneer & Achievement Award
    The Singapore HPC-Pioneer & Achievement Award recognises an individual who has been instrumental in shaping Singapore’s High Performance Computing journey from the start and who has made a significant contribution to its development since.
  • SupercomputingAsia 2019 – Asia HPC Leadership Award
    The Asia HPC Leadership Award recognises an outstanding individual with excellence in leadership within the HPC community.
  • SupercomputingAsia 2019 – Asia HPC Visionary Award
    The Asia HPC Visionary Award recognises an outstanding individual who has demonstrated great vision in the future of HPC for Asia.

SupercomputingAsia 2019

Singapore HPC-Pioneer & Achievement Award


Mr Lim Soon Hock

Founder and Managing Director of PLAN-B ICAG Pte Ltd

Mr Lim Soon Hock, BBM, PBM and JP is one of the venerable captains of the ICT industry in Singapore for over 30 years. Despite his busy schedule, he has found time to play a key role in championing the growth and development of high performance computing (HPC) in Singapore at its early days of inception. As the illustrious Chairman of the advisory committee of the National Supercomputing Research Centre (NSRC), Singapore’s first supercomputing centre in the 1990s, he forged the formation of the Institute for High Performance Computing (IHPC). As Chairman of the Institute for High Performance Computing (IHPC) at its founding, Mr Lim has been tireless in promoting widespread industrial adoption of HPC. This marked the transformative golden years of HPC in Singapore over the past 25 years.

For his contribution as an HPC Pioneer and his founding achievements in Singapore, the Supercomputing Asia Conference confers the SCA 2019 Singapore HPC Pioneer and Achievement Award to Mr Lim Soon Hock.

SupercomputingAsia 2019

Asia HPC Leadership Award


Prof. Satoshi Matsuoka

Director, RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R-CCS)

As a veteran in the field of High Performance Computing for over 30 years, Professor Satoshi Matsuoka is known worldwide for his prowess in innovation and invention of HPC systems. As the legendary Professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology (TiTech), who has pioneered the Tsubame series of multiple top award winning supercomputers known worldwide, from Top500, Green500, Graph500, to Green Graph 500, he was one of the visionary firsts who introduced the HPC world to GPUs. For his leadership in designing and architecting new HPC infrastructures including the Post-Moore Technologies toward 2025 and supercomputers dedicated to accelerating Artifcial Intelligence (AI), and for his tireless promotion of HPC in Asia and throughout the world, he has received many international awards for his work, too numerous to mention.

Since April 2018 he has become the director of Riken R-CCS, the national flagship supercomputing center of Japan to lead the next generation “exascale” Post-K machine as well as direct research for its successor in the Post-Moore era.

For his achievements and contribution as a true global leader in High Performance Computing, the Supercomputing Asia Conference confers the SCA 2019 Asia HPC Leadership Award to Professor Satoshi Matsuoka.

SupercomputingAsia 2019

Asia HPC Visionary Award


Dr. Raj Thampuran

Managing Director of Agency for Science Technology and Research

Dr Raj Thampuran, Managing Director of A*STAR, has had a distinguished career in policy, planning and administration of R&D in the science and technology development of Singapore and ASEAN countries.

Over the past ten years in Singapore, he has shepherded the formation of the National Supercomputing Centre as a national research platform under the National Research Infrastructure (NRI) of the National Research Foundation of Singapore. Over the past 15 years, out of A*STAR’s Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC) and other A*STAR entities, he had forged the formation of a specialised unit called A*STAR Computational Resource Centre (A*CRC) to spearhead excellence in HPC resource services and technology innovation. He foresaw the increasing importance of HPC not just in traditional modeling and simulation, but also its importance in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

As the Singapore National Chairman in the Committee on Science and Technology of ASEAN, he mooted and championed the formation of an ASEAN HPC regional resource. His vision was for every researcher and student in developing and developed countries of ASEAN to have free and unfettered access to HPC for digital transformation of whatever field they may be pursuing.

For his achievements and contribution as a visionary leader in High Performance Computing in putting in place far-reaching policy and planning for Singapore and ASEAN countries, the SupercomputingAsia Conference confers the SCA 2019 Asia HPC Visionary Award to Dr Raj Thampuran.