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12 March

  1. New Exploration in Computer Vision by Professor Dahua Lin, Co-founder, SenseTime, Director, CUHK-SenseTime Joint Lab (Download Here)
  2. Intelligent Data Center Architecture to Enable Next Generation HPC/AI Platforms by Gilad Shainer, Chairman, HPC-AI Advisory Council (Download Here)
  3. Cloud Security Alliance by Jeffery Tay, Solution Architect, Microsoft (Download Here)
  4. Introduction to HPC Cloud Security Working Group by Ong Guan Sin, Head, New Services & Cybersecurity, National Supercomputing Centre and Zhuang Haojie Research Director, APAC Cloud Security Alliance (Download Here)
  5. Alibaba Cloud Security Introduction (Download Here)
  6. Joint HPC Cloud Security Workshop @ SCA 2019 – Opening Remarks by Hing-Yan Lee (Dr.), Executive Vice President, APAC, Cloud Security Alliance (Download Here)
  7. Fujitsu Securing HPC Cloud with IoT (Download Here)
  8. HPC Cloud Security Stakeholders Platform (HCSSP) by Jon Lau, Director of Business Development APAC, Cloud Security Alliance (Download Here)
  9. Supercomputing Power Booster for Artificial Intelligence by Professor Dahua Lin, Co-founder, SenseTime, Director, CUHK-SenseTime Joint Lab (Download Here)
  10. Cracking open the network ‘black-box’ by Inder Monga, Executive Director, Energy Sciences Network, Division Director, Scientific Networking, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (Download Here)
  11. The Future of Digital in Science by Angus Macoustra, Chief Technology Officer, CSIRO (Download Here)
  12. Future Proofing Australia’s Research Infrastructure by Sean Smith and Allan Williams, NCI Australia (Download Here)
  13. Current provision & future directions at Pawsey Supercomputing Centre by Mark Gray and Jenni Harrison, Pawsey Supercomputing Centre (Download Here)
  14. Skin Simulations Challenges for High Performance Computing by Jernej Zidar, Scientist, Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC), A*STAR and Freda Lim (Download Here)
  15. Post-K: A Game Changing Supercomputer for Convergence of HPC and Big Data / AI by Satoshi Matsuoka Director, Riken Center for Computational Science and Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Download Here)
  16. The Roles of High Performance Computing in Heavy Industry by Ittetsu Inuzuka, Computation & Mathematical Eng. Dept., Research Laboratory, IHI Corporation (Download Here)
  17. New approach to find biological adaptation rules using CFD and Genetic Algorism by Ryutaro & Masako Himeno, RIKEN (Download Here)
  18. Australia’s precision medicine powered by machine learning and cloud-computing by Hon A/Prof Denis Bauer, PhD (Download Here)
  19. Social simulation with supercomputers by Nobuyasu Ito, Department of Applied Physics, The University of Tokyo and Discrete-Event Simulation Research Team, Riken Center for Computational Science (Download Here)
  20. High-speed networks to enable SG-JP collaboration By A/Prof. Francis Lee, Vice-President, SingAREN and Eiji Kawai, Director, ICT Testbed Research Development and Operations Lab, NICT (Download Here)

13 March

  1. European Processor Initiative by Jean-Marc Denis, Distinguished Expert Strategy & Plan, BDS Strategy & Innovation and Chair of the Board, European Processor Initiative (Download Here)
  2. GÉANT as the foundation of the European HPC ecosystem by Vincenzo Capone, Head of Research Engagement and Support, GÉANT (Download Here)
  3. APRP Update by Andrew Howard, Co-Chair APAN APRP Working Group (Download Here)
  4. EU-ASEAN HPC cooperation and the STI Policy Exchange Platform by Kostas Glinos (Dr.), DG Research and Innovation, European Commission (Download Here)
  5. How to Design Convergent HPC, Deep Learning and Big Data Analytics Software Stacks for Exascale Systems? by Dhabaleswar K. (DK) Panda, The Ohio State University (Download Here)
  6. Azure HPC & AI: State of the Art by Rob Futrick, Principal Program Manager, Azure Computer (Download Here)
  7. ML/AI Cloud Data Center Evolution by Shaowen Ma, APAC Product Director, Ethernet Switches, APAC, Mellanox Technologies Ltd. (Download Here)
  8. Cloud – The New Frontier of Scientific Research by Vincent Quah, Regional Head – Education, Research, Healthcare and Not For Profit, AWS Asia Pacific and Japan (Download Here)
  9. Fab or Fad? Cloud HPC, FPGA, Cray and Quantum Computing by Ben Di Qual, WW Tech Lead – Intelligent Cloud (Download Here)
  10. Architecting Multi-Scale Neural Networks For Life Science Discovery by Andrew Underwood, Asia-Pacific Chief Technology Officer – HPC & AI and Alex Filby (Download Here)
  11. Beyond hyperscale, to hyper-connected an emerging Asian HPC zone by Mark Stickells, Executive Director, Pawsey Supercomputing Centre (Download Here)
  12. Atos Quantum : an application- oriented program for business by Philippe Duluc, Atos CTO Big Data & Security (Download Here)
  13. MH-QEMU: Memory-State-Aware Fault Injection Platform by Hideyuki Jitsumoto, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yuya Kobayashi, RIKEN R-CCS, and Satoshi Matsuoka, Digital Media Professionals Inc. (Download Here)
  14. NVMe-based BeeGFS as a next-generation scratch filesystem for High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning workloads by Greg Lehman, Igor Zupanovic, Jacob Anders, Rene Tyhouse, Garry Swan, Joseph Antony (Download Here)
  15. A Modular Supercomputing Architecture towards ExaScale by Herbert Cornelius, Axel Auweter, Megware Computer GMBH (Download Here)
  16. Tuning Alya with READEX for Energy-Efficiency by Venkatesh Kannan, Irish Centre for High-End Computing (ICHEC), Ricard Borrell, Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (BSC), Myles Doyle, Irish Centre for High-End Computing (ICHEC) and Guillaume Houzeaux, Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (BSC) (Download Here)
  17. Secure Data Reservoir: 70 encrypted data transfer facility by Junichiro Shitami. Goki Honjo, Kei Hiraki, Mary Inaba, The University of Tokyo (Download Here)

14 March

  1. What are the day-to-day challenges to keep the lights on and the systems running? by Brad Evans, Head of Centre Operations, Pawsey Supercomputing Centre (Download Here)
  2. The Confluence of AI and High-perfomance Computing by Sachin Nagpal, Director- Solution Sales, Intel (Download Here)
  3. Introducing SGTech by Ashton Soh, Data & Cloud Chapter, SGTECH (Download Here)
  4. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Learnings from Hyperscale by Franck Petit, Senior Sales Manager – APAC, DCD Group (Download Here)
  5. Introduction to Digital Annealer – A Quantum-inspired technology by Cheng Jang Thye, Chief Architect and Head, Digital eXperience Center, Fujitsu (Download Here)
  6. Building Computer Architecture for the Era of AI and Multi-Cloud by H. Peter Hofstee, Ph.D., IBM ( & TU Delft ) (Download Here)
  7. Data, the new frontier. by Rob Mollard, APAC Senior Data & Storage Technologist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (Download Here)
  8. Arm in HPC by Toshinori Kujiraoka, Sales Manager, APAC HPC Tools, Arm (Download Here)
  9. Heterogeneous Compute Infrastructure for Singapore by Philip Heah, Assistant Chief Executive, Technology & Infrastructure Group (Download Here)
  10. Computing for The Endless Frontier by Dan Stanzione, Executive Director, Texas Advanced Computing Center, and Associate Vice President for Research at The University of Texas, Austin (Download Here)
  11. IronBridge and Quantum Encryption by Mark Jackson, Ph.D., Cambridge Quantum Computing (Download Here)
  12. Practical Resource Usage Prediction Method for Large Memory Jobs in HPC clusters by Xiuqiao Li, Nan Qi, Yuan Yuan He, IBM China Systems Laboratory (Download Here)
  13. PHINEAS: An Embedded Heterogeneous Parallel Platform by Nikhil Khatri, Student – PES University, Nithin Bodanapu Student – PES University, Dr. TSB Sudarshan, Dean of Research – PES University (Download Here)
  14. A Crystal/Clear Pipeline for applied image processing by Christopher Watkins, Research Software Engineer, CSIRO (Download Here)
  15. A Cache-based Data Movement Infrastructure for On-demand Scientific Cloud Computing by David Abramson, Jake Carroll, Chao Jin, Michael Mallon, Zane van Iperen, Hoang Nguyen, Allan McRae, University of Queensland and Liang Ming, Huawei (Download Here)
  16. IBM Hybrid Multi-Cloud solutions by Dave Taylor, Executive Architect, Software Defined Infrastructure, IBM Systems Group (Download Here)