Conference Presentation Downloads

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27 March 2018 (Tuesday)

1. 2018 APAC HPC-AI Competition by Gilad Shainer, Chair of HPC-AI Advisory Council (Download Here)

2. Keynote: Toward the Global Research Platform by Dr. Tom DeFanti, Research Scientist, University of Illinois at Chicago (Download Here)

3. RDMA over ML/DL and Big Data Frameworks by Ido Shamay, Software Architect, Mellanox (Download Here)

4. Why AI Frameworks Need (not only) RDMA? by Dr. Bairen Yi, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Download Here)

5. Parallel File System for AI and Deep Learning by Carlos Thomaz, Technical Product Manager, DDN (Download Here)

6. AI for HPC and HPC for AI Workflows: The Differences, Gaps and Opportunities with Data Management by Dr. Rangan Sukumar, Office of CTO, Cray Inc. (Download Here)


28 March 2018 (Wednesday)

1. Keynote: Creating 21st Century Global Research Platforms for Science: Emerging Architecture, Techniques, and Technologies

by Prof. Joe Mambretti, International Center for Advanced Internet Research, Northwestern University (Download Here)

2. Keynote: Medical Discoveries when Big Data, AI & HPC Converge by Dr Rangan Sukumar, Cray Inc (Download Here)

3. Meet the most demanding HPC and AI needs with help of Microsoft Azure by Luka Debeljak, APAC Manager for Azure Applications & Infrastructure, Microsoft (Download Here)

4. Spark Over RDMA: Accelerate Big Data by Ido Shamay, Software Architect, Mellanox Technologies (Download Here)

5. Building an integrated AI-accelerated HPC hardware infrastructure by Francis Lam, Director of HPC Product Management, Huawei Technologies (Download Here)

6. Building a High Performance Analytics Platform by Cheng Jang Thye, Chief Architect, Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd (Download Here)

7. Heterogeneous Supercomputing and the POWER9 Processor by Dr. H. Peter Hofstee, Distinguished Research Staff Member, IBM Research (Download Here)

8. Network Accelerated AI by Elad Wind, Director of Networking Solutions, Mellanox APAC (Download Here)

9. Watercooling and Impact on Performance and TCO by Matthew T. Ziegler, Director HPC and AI Architecture, Lenovo (Download Here)

10. Precision Medicine in Singapore – Perspective from the Molecular Diagnosis Centre at NUH

by Dr Benedict Yan, Director, Molecular Diagnostics Centre, NUH (Download Here)

11. Hyperion Research – HPC Market Update by Alex Norton, Earl Joseph, Steve Conway and Bob Sorensen (Download Here)


29 March 2018 (Thursday)

1. Introduction to GovTech’s Innoleap & Translational R&D Grants Programme by Vivien Chow, Director, Applied Innovation and Partnership, Government Technology Agency (Download Here)

2. Email Processing and Question & Answering System (EPQAS) by Rafael E Banchs, Research Scientist, Institute for Infocomm Research, A*STAR (Download Here)

3. Searching for activation functions by Ang Ming Liang (Download Here)

4. Identify Patients and Health Care Workers Using Transfer Learning on a Pre-trained Convolution Neural Network by Kelvin Tham (Download Here)

5. Multi-Class Sentiment Classification for Short Text Sequences by Timothy Liu Kaihui (Download Here)

6. Japanese HPCI Open Call by Dr. Motoi Okuda, Director RIST (Download Here)

7. HPC for Urban Microclimate Simulations in Singapore by Dr. Lou Jing, IHPC, A*STAR (Download Here)


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